The world is our world

We are expert in worldwide business: Africa / Asia / South America... We operate on all continents, and have a real international know-how. We effectively respond to requests from all over the world. The sourcing of our products is completely secured: we control the quality and conformity to technical specification before delivery. Let’s make happy our customers for long term! Our proximity to the production sites, coupled with our product knowledge, makes us a key partner to develop your projects with confidence.

Our main products for export:

Our international know-how:

We operate in more than 20 countries: in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, etc… Today, we export over 7000 MT per month.

Exported volume = + 7,000 MT of meat / month

Our strong experience in West-Africa:

We now benefit from strong exporting skills especially in West Africa where we 've been exporting for over 20 years.

We've settled several partnerships through the years and we've also created and developed our proper distribution brands such as: SOCAJAF / CAJAF / COCAS IMPEX.