Our production plant

We benefit from close partnership with our European producer (one production factory in France): automated and performing production unit for slaughtering, cutting, freezing and packing.

We operate on all meats markets: fresh and frozen, raw and processed meat, for exports as much as for French Industry.

Certifié agriculture biologiqueBRC food certificated



High-performance production lines

Hen quartersHen quarters

production lineProduction line

our branded boxesOur branded boxes

Exports products

whole hen whole hen

leg quartersleg quarters

calibrated whole henscalibrated whole hens

 hen wings hen wings

Industry products

hen breast fillethen breast fillet

hen minced meathen minced meat

calibrated piecescalibrated pieces

Market Leader

We are pleased to offer high quality products from our own production plant : automated and performing unit for slaughtering, cutting, freezing and packing.
Air chilled, dry frozen in our own blast freezer, full traceability control is monitored by high standards such as BRC and AB for Organic.
The process follows the standards and sanitary requirements in force offering Farmers a quality transport service for the collection of alive birds.

50000 birds per day,
1000 MT per month.